The Wicked Frosty Farms Story

Wicked Frosty Farms (WFF) is a new company which is intending to change the expectations and set a new standard in the craft cannabis cultivation market in Massachusetts, specifically Salem, MA. WFF will be applying for a cultivation license and intends to change the world of craft cannabis.

WFF will have the ability to vegetate up to 1,000 plants and flowers concurrently, will grow up to 6 different strains of marijuana.  Wicked Frosty Farms will dry and process all cannabis flowers and will be available at local dispensaries once they are open for business (Summer 2018).

The meaning behind the name.

The wicked is a reference to the local area of Massachusetts, as a slang term for something that is super cool and awesome. Frosty is common lingo among cannabis users for a marijuana plant that is covered in a lot of trichomes, which causes the plant to look like it is covered in frost. The THC is concentrated in those trichomes, so the idea is that frostier the plant, the more potent with THC it will be.  Wicked Frosty Farms mission is to grow the best craft style cannabis products, to establish an innovative cannabis growing brand with affordable prices and secure delivery to dispensaries and manufacturers of Massachusetts.  Those plants will indeed be frosty!

Wicked Frosty Farms is the brainchild of Perry Bailes. One thing that’s apparent about Perry is that he is passionate about Cannabis.

Perry came from a military family. His dad was a 27 year veteran. After high school, Perry followed in the footsteps of his father and went into the military. Learning essential skills like discipline, leadership and patience.

After several years, Perry left his service and went on to college and eventually earned 2 degrees from Georgia Southern University.

After college, the tech bubble happened and that was when Perry got involved with the start up industry,  which allowed him to discover his passion for technology and building businesses. He found that his biggest attraction to the software industry was the constant change and ability to adapt in new or developing markets. Everyone has a great idea that could change the world. It was during that time that Perry realized that he wanted to build his own. But what?

Having been a cultivator, enthusiast and lover of high quality cannabis for many years, Perry began to educate himself and soon overcame a typically steep learning curve, from cultivation to manufacturing. You never know what you don’t know yet, right? So learning is a forever thing.  He feels so fortunate to combine his passion and his abilities now to contribute to a blossoming Massachusetts cannabis industry that is going to be a boon to the communities and the planet.